[sunless touch]

​​​​Mobile spray tan


​​​​​​​& relaxation chair massage

​what to expect

At SUNLESS TOUCH we pride ourselves in the experience we provide to our clients.

WHAT SETS US APART FROM THE REST, YOU ASK? Well for starters, as an introductory special, included with the purchase of your first tan is our option of a 15 minute complimentary relaxation chair massage! Not only are we certified to give you an awesome Tan, we are trained in the art of Relaxation Chair Massage as well!

We seat you in a specially designed massage chair that we bring along and massage techniques are given through your clothing focusing on upper body, neck, and arms leaving you fully relaxed and ready to get tanned! You can opt out of the massage if desired and skip straight to your tan but really, who doesn't love a back rub?!!...


The process for receiving a spray tan in your home or location is easy peasy.

First, we consult with you over the phone as to which tan is best suited to you and the look you desire.

When we arrive, show us where you would like us to set up.

There should be an area of approximately 4’ x 4’ where our pop up tent/backdrop can be set up.

During setup, you can change into tanning attire of choice (we provide disposable thongs if desired). You can undress completely if you prefer no tan lines at all! Do keep in mind that what you wear will determine any tan lines.  It is recommended that you wear dark colours during your spray tan and that you change into loose fitting (darker colour is ideal) clothing after you've been tanned.

We provide you with a disposable hair net and barrier cream for the palms of your hands, the tips of your nails and feet that we will apply for you and prep you with our skin plumping, ph balancing mist if necessary.

You will be sprayed with a fine, cool, comfortable mist.  The airbrush technique allows for even coverage that appears flawless when developed.

We will walk you through the positions and let you know when to move around, close your eyes, etc.

Although our solutions are super quick drying, once the tan has been applied, we will blow dry your skin to help the drying process so that you can change into your loose fitting, dark clothes quicker.  We will then explain after-care instructions so you get the best out of your tan.

And VOILA! There you have it.......You're GLOWING!!